Brisbane Splitter Project

i4 Development Project

The two houses built on a splitter block reinforce the idea that contemporary design can be used to maximize a warm and comforting environment. Where, originally, a 1945s brick and timber house stood now rests two contemporary family homes that showcase modern architecture at its best. At every turn you are pleasantly surprised by each element and how it has been put together even before you set foot in either of the buildings.



I was to start from the beginning guiding the project to make sure the houses were designed from the outside in as well and from the inside out.

It was my responsibility to ensure the two houses were functional, beautifully finished, aesthetically inviting, and meet the objective of being distinctively different to each other as well as meeting the social and cultural requirements of the potential occupants. My work assignment:

  • Engage in space creation and space planning taking into consideration the personal aspects of potential occupants.
  • Provide input into the design ensuring a timeless design with practical, spacious and well-balanced interiors.
  • Provide input into the selection of external finishes supporting architectural flair and differentiation.
  • Specify internal and external colour schemes – making them soothing within and a standout in the neighbourhood.
  • Specify internal finishes, fixtures and fittings ensuring a “wow” factor, value for money, quality, lifestyle and sustainability.
  • Design kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and laundries ensuring functionality, livability and attractiveness.


Examples of how I contributed to cost efficiencies:

Knowing from experience what would work – rather than wasting time chasing quotes, I used a small number of trusted suppliers. I assessed each quote and compared products and prices prior to placing orders.

Ensuring construction schedules were not disrupted due to delays in material or product choices – the garage doors have a 4-week delivery timeframe. I had to have the order placed well in advance. This applied to many products.


A well designed and decorated space should be a place where you feel comfortable…where you are surrounded by objects and colour that you really love, that are important to you and are put together in a harmonious and balanced way

My methodology:

  • From the onset – one house was prominently a grey palette and the other house neutral tones.
  • External finishes were selected during the initial design phase – a primary product such as Matrix was chosen for main sheeting while Linea was selected for an indent/feature section.
  • Choose roof – light colours are preference due to sustainability factors. A custom orb (Colorbond) roof in Surfmist was selected.
  • Choose driveway finish and colour – link to the roof colour by using a feature colour and textured finish such as exposed aggregate.
  • Choose external wall colours – very critical step as it highlights the architectural design. Colour and textures (external finishes) are elements that created that “sense of difference”. Different colours were allocated to different finishes.
  • Choose entrances (joining the outside in) – one house, a tiled entrance, the other timber flooring.
  • Choose wet area tiling – part of the bathroom design was to run the floor tiles up the wall to give a seamless approach. The remainder of the walls were white to provide a sense of spaciousness in a small area.
  • Joinery and splash backs, internal walls and feature walls (some painted others in timber).

This process continued through to lighting, bathroom fitouts until the whole two houses were completed. Product samples were gathered from various suppliers and paint brush outs taken to the site to seek endorsement from the team members and to ensure everyone was aware of the end product/s.

Majority of decisions were based on values eg the question I would ask myself “would this product and/or colour enhance the occupants’ lifestyle”.


While I can highlight aspects of the project I have managed I cannot take claim for doing all work. What I have done is work to build trust and respect from others who are involved. For example, building our internal team and finding the right building designer, engineer, certifier and other building professionals and trades people was a critical first step. I achieved this through avenues such as the BuildinBrisbane network. Additionally, our trade contractors are part of the extended family. They have been selected as they share our values, they know the work we do and are proud to be part of it.

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