Architects Black & Wilson

About Us

NOT all Architects have the SAME experience or expertise.

ARCHITECTS BLACK AND WILSON is a small boutique practice passionate about providing quality architectural service to INDIVIDUAL clients.

Our job is to be your ARCHITECTURAL AVATAR. We have to get to understand you really well to meet your SPECIFIC requirements. We do this by:

  • having the OWNER of the business dealing directly with YOU
  • ASKING the right QUESTIONS
  • actually LISTENENING to the ANSWERS not pigeonholing
  • considering you as a PERSON and not a job (number)
  • focusing on meting your SPECIFIC DESIGN and budget constraints

Once we get in your head our job is to DELIVER the building YOU would DESIGN if you had OUR knowledge and abilities. We have over 35 years of experience in residential projects. We use state of the art 3D computer modeling to manifest the proposed building.

Our software allows you to even access the 3D MODEL at our office or even from YOUR own HOME and view it from every angle. This allows us to manage your project in BRISBANE even if you are LOCATED INTERSTATE or overseas.

We can be involved from the initial DESIGN right through to overseeing construction-the choice is yours. We can assemble the right team of consultants or work with your team. Our main areas of EXPERTISE are:

  • Multi-Residential
  • Bespoke INDUSTRIAL and Associated Commercial
  • Early Child Care
  • Chapels & Funeral Homes
  • Accessible buildings for mobility challenges
  • Integration of buildings and site works.

It is of critical importance for you to work with an Architect you can TRUST and you LIKE. We will treat your hard earned money like is our money we are expending. We will refer you to SATISFIED CLIENTS to validate of our claims.

“As repeat clients spanning 17 years we highly recommend Mark to you.
Mark will give himself totally to your project, spend hours getting inside your head, challenge your views and push your boundaries. The budget will be treated as if it were his. The end result has always exceeded our expectations.
Sandra Jenkins

We can provide the following services with assistance from our professional network:

  • Architecture including:
    • Feasibility analysis;
    • Design;
    • Construction documentation;
    • Contract administration;
    • Calling tenders and negotiating with Contractors;
    • Applications to and negotiations with Authorities;
    • Budget reviews, estimates and feasibility studies;
    • Project planning and management;
    • 3D Computer Modelling of sites and buildings;
    • 3D Renderings and Walkthroughs
  • Town Planning – Development Applications;
  • Interior design;
  • Landscape design;
  • Fully integrated projects.